System Capabilities

 System Capacity

  • System package envelope is 5’ wide, 19.2’ long, and 10.8’ high
  • 1,320 square feet of surface area per pallet
  • Maximum pallet load of 3,200 Ibs
  • All non-aluminum metals
  • Black paint/resin coating
  • Full cycle time of 2.5 hours

Process Equipment

  • Pretreatment and electrocoating system manufactured by George Koch Sons
  • Large processing area – 58’ clear ceiling height and 79,000 square feet of space
  • Six programmable cranes
  • Fifteen-stage cathodic electrocoat system – 11 pretreatment stages and 4 electrocoat stages
  • Eleven 22,500-gallon pretreatment tanks
  • One 33,500-gallon electrocoat tank
  • Three 33,000-gallon post-electrocoating rinse tanks
  • Two 130° caustic cleaning stages
  • Zinc phosphate conditioning
  • Drainage tilting above tanks
  • Full tilting inside electrocoat tank
  • PPG ED6451HE Enviro-Prime 2000®, lead-free, cationic electrocoat
  • 385° overhead oven and contiguous lower cooling tunnel

In-House Laboratory

  • On-site PPG technician oversees lab operations and quality
  • Daily testing and data collection from pretreatment and electrocoat tanks
  • Statistical process controls to maintain pretreatment and electrocoat performance
  • Regular certification of gauges and lab equipment
  • Daily part quality inspection for film thickness, curing, gloss level, etc.

Receiving and Shipping

  • Six freight-level docks
  • Five street-level docks
  • Warehouse area – 32’ clear ceiling height


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